What is wrong with the Indian education system?

There are many problems in the education system. Because our education system is one dimensional. The government provides various education facilities like mid-day meals, free education between six to fourteen years of...
Ways to wellness

Ways to wellness

Ways to wellness Taking care of your health suggests that, taking care of your mind too! Small steps can make a huge difference. Here are some ways which can help you improve your mental health....
Defining the term-education

What Is Wrong With The Indian Education System?

The Indian subcontinent has long been the centre of world education in ancient times with the universities like Taxila, Nalanda, and many more. In ancient India, there was a concept of “gurukuls”....
Mental Exercise Benefits

Mental Exercise Benefits

Mental Exercise Benefits There are many benefits of exercise for our mental health. Regular exercise keeps your body fit and healthy throughout your life. Even a half an hour exercise of each day can let...

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