5G Technology

5G Technology


In the current world time is everything and it is very evident that time stops for no one. The one not able to catch up with it is clearly in the loss. With the ongoing developments and the revolutionary changes that humankind is facing, communication plays a very vital role.

Communication brings people closer to each other. Communication is an important management function closely associated with all other managerial functions. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups through the flow of information and understanding between them. Therefore it is very important for us to communicate and if that mode of communicating is slow, then it gives rise to a number of problems.

Communicating in the old times was very difficult. People used to communicate through postcards, through scrolls and letters and whatnot. But with time we humans changed the way of communication and took it to a whole new level. And how is that? Yes, it was through the invention of the internet.

The internet proved to be a very easy means to communicate for people living on the other side of the globe. And then came wireless cellular technology through which people could surf around the world wide web through their cellular devices. Initially, it was called 1G i.e first generation of technology. 1G was later replaced by 2G which in place was replaced by 3G and so on.

People in a lot of countries are using 4G technology but most of the developed countries have made themselves handy with 5G technology which is currently the fastest mode of communication through our cellular devices. 5G technology came into general use by late 2018. An unputdownable fact about 5G technology is that it is not only used to interconnect people but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices.

Through a landmark 5G economy study, we found that 5G’s full economic effect will be realized across the globe by 2035, supporting a wide range of industries and potentially producing up to $12 trillion worth of goods and services. The predecessor to 5G i.e 4G offered maximum real-world download speeds up to 60mbps making it over 20 times faster than 3G.

But as per IMT-2020 requirements, 5G is expected to deliver 300mbps which is incredibly faster than 4G. Can you imagine how fast things are going to be with 5G around? Fascinating right? This is technology at its peak? But there is a large population of people who would have a question in their mind.

Is 5G faster than WiFi? Basically cellular networks and WiFi are two very different things. Typically, cellular networks have covered larger areas, while WiFi handles things on a smaller scale. … 5G cellular connections will be significantly faster than even the fastest LTE speeds currently available. Apart from faster speeds, 5G will bring much greater bandwidth and capacity to networks, just like WiFi 6.

We can clearly see the advancements made in technology by humankind with 5G being one of our greatest achievements. But will we stop on 5G? I don’t think so. 5G is only the beginning of the advancements to come ahead.


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