Best ways to study effectively

Best ways to study effectively

Reading your books, reviewing your class material, highlighting the things might take more time to learn the things. These study tactics have been drilled into you for years! But the science is very clear. Certain study techniques are more beneficial than others. So, instead of spending hours and hours trying to search for the right answer, you should develop a significant advantage over the rest of your class, your friends and your peers. Here are the three best techniques for studying in less time than anyone else!


  • Memory palaces

It is an ancient Greek technique that is used to increase your memory power! You just need to walk through the environment of your choice (like your house) and you have to place objects in specific places and then you match the things you want to learn with those objects! So, when you try to remember that information, perhaps the note that you took that day in class. But you should not think back to your notes, rather you should think of where those notes are in your house, which object did you attach it to? What is the color? You should reapply this until it becomes crystal clear in your mind! This technique maps new information into something that your brain has already evolved to do extremely well. Try to recall the imagery in specific locations.


  • The Protégé effect

It has been the best-known technique to the people for thousands of years! According to this technique, the best way to understand something is to explain it to somebody! Teach someone what you want to learn. A 2007 study looked at this, how does teaching someone impact your learning? According to that study Students who used to teach younger students to score higher marks than students who only learn for themselves!! It is because when you want to teach someone else, you need to work harder to understand the material to recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively. This phenomenon is known as ‘Depth of processing’.


  • The Feynman Technique

Physicist Robert Feynman created a mental model called the ‘Feynman Technique’. This technique consists of four steps.


  1. Write the name of a concept on the top of a blank piece of paper.
  2. Write down the concept as if you are teaching it, someone.
  3. Identify what is missing, then go back and re-learn it.
  4. Review everything, and simplify as much as you can. Make sure that you are avoiding using complicated language and try to simplify the content.

This technique forces you to deconstruct, and then reconstruct ideas.


So, a student should try to implement any of these techniques in his academics to learn things in a better way!


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