Do you think education is the only way to success?

Do you think education is the only way to success?

In today’s world, to call someone ‘educated’, one generally means that the person referred to holds high degrees or is simply literate in basic terms. Education is quite different from being literate. To put it in simple terms, education is gaining knowledge. Education gives us knowledge about the world around us.

Education helps up understand how the world functions and how things are what they are. It makes us aware of the things that are happening around the world and helps us create an opinion about them. And to get educated, one does have to get themselves under the guidance of one form of discipline or the other to gain knowledge.

To get themselves educated, one does not necessarily need to go to a proper school as such. So, to answer the question, yes is important in success and education is away, but not the only way. Education without the proper knowledge, idea, experience, and skills is meaningless and can be rendered moot.

But at the same time, education does help a lot in success as it gives one a fair bit of idea about what to do and how to do it. It also helps one to gather knowledge and helps one learn how to apply it in real life. So, in the end, it all comes to the knowledge and the things learned and how it got implemented. The biggest examples of this are the successful cricketers, the actors and the businessmen who had the bare minimum to almost no education and there are even cases of them being high school dropouts and just literate, yet they are successful in life.

The reason that makes them so successful in life is that even they are not formally educated, they do possess a huge amount of knowledge and skill in their respective skills and it is only their knowledge that makes them so successful in their respective fields.

To put things in perspective, in an interview with the famous and one of the most successful Bollywood actor Aamir Khan said that he dropped out of his college because he did not feel like studying in a college. Having said that, he pointed out to the fact that that did not mean he stopped learning as he kept the focus on his field- acting, and took books to read and study from them about acting and attended theatres and workshops to learn from them.


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