Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India

It is a well-known saying in Hindi that ‘Jaan hai to Jahaan hai’! But in India, there is disease along with life! This also greatly affects our economy. If we want our economy to be stronger, then the brains and hands, which runs the economy, should also be stronger! India is ranked 130 among 189 countries in the Human Development Index (HDI) in the year 2018.

Indian people spent most of their money in the healthcare sector, after food. They do not spend money on education, transportation, fashion rather they spend their money in the healthcare sector. Today, the government is mainly focussing on increasing the accessibility of the healthcare facilities among the people, so that their health can be improved.


Healthcare is believed to be the fundamental right of every citizen of India. By considering this fact, the government is trying to form cost-oriented money models that can reduce the cost of the health facilities. The government is trying to make public as well as private healthcare sector affordable to the common people!  Our government needs to form such a medicine that is modern yet effective and does not cause any harm to our body. Such medicines can later be exported to other countries. A person’s biggest success in his life is to have good health!


If a person would have a good name, fame, wealth, but he does not have good health, then such person will be of no use. The most important thing to remain healthy is to be regular in our life. In today’s world, people used to be busy with their hectic schedules due to which they could not even give enough time to their body. This results in the emergence of various diseases. Obesity is also becoming a matter of worry for people in India. All these problems can be minimized or controlled by implementing effective health policy in India.


However, the government has recently launched the ‘Fit India Campaign’. This campaign focuses on improving the health of our citizens. Many other schemes like ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojna’ has been launched by which the people can cure their diseases at a very less cost! More such schemes should be implemented so that the lives of people can be saved.


Especially, people in the rural area should be made aware of different government schemes that are being launched in the healthcare sector, so that they can take maximum advantage of those schemes.


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