How does an Educated Person behave

Importance of education

education helps a person to view the world from a whole new perspective. It makes us liberal and helps us in thinking clearly. It helps to learn, react, behave, observe, social etiquette, and manner.Importance of education

An educated person is always aware of his/her surroundings. his actions are justified, and his decisions are well-taken. An educated person is mature enough to handle different types of situations. He understands non-discrimination.

He treats everyone equally, and he knows how to go with society and to accept society’s norms and rules. Most of the social manners followed by everyone comes after education.

They are humble and tolerant 

 A truly educated person is always comfortable in their area. They are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They understand the value of humanity. Their emotional generosity allows them to understand the thinking perspectives of other people and their views.

Curiosity and exploration

They are always curious about knowing and trying new things. They engage themselves with new tasks, new hobbies, new books for the experience. They love to debate, explore, and to learn new facts about a specific topic. Their curiosity is a life-giving stream that they drink often. They are never bored because they always try to find something to consume their time. They always try to make the world better by thinking innovative and unique.

Valuing educationValuing education

An educated person values his education and tries to use it for his own or other’s benefit. Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650), an uneducated person, always talks converse and debates with noblest persons who are author or writer to know about their thoughts and their views on various issues. An educated person will always try to gather knowledge from various sources.

He will always try to explore in various areas like going to a museum, athletic games, and listening and trying different genres of music, looking at some crafts and praising arts in an art gallery and sometimes interacting with different kinds of people to observe them. An educated person will never discriminate between people on any basis, and instead, he will treat them equally. He will always try to make the world a better place for others.

Great listeners

There are two types of educated people, some of them are introverts, and the latter are extroverts. An educated person is curious by nature. But, both of them are great listeners. They try to learn and observe other peoples’ life incidents and issues. They love to engage with everyone, and they know how to listen, observe, react. They will always try to find the answer to what, how, and who? Education provides maturity and decision-making ability, which they will use for advising others.

Communication skills

An educated person is a great communicator and has excellent communication skills. Most of the educated persons are also introverts, but some of them are extroverts who use their skills to deal with others’ people problems and issues. They know how to entertain others. An educated person knows very well when and how to react in a different situation.

Most of the educated people have ego and attitude regarding their brilliance, which is not the sign of being literate. Knowledge is always valued for being worthy of sharing as much as possible.

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A truly educated person can entertain friends. They know how and what to say in certain situations. They will surprise others with their breadth of knowledge, skill, and expertise as well as their depth. They maintain an ethos of striving to remain attractive, so they will seek out skills and experiences in disparate and diverse fields. There are plenty of fascinating aspects to their lives that they never openly share, leaving it for others to discover only by persistent’digging.’ The truly educated person will never limit himself to one place. They will speak only when needed and will dig as much as needed for a situation or an issue.

Raising voice against wrongdoing

An educated person actively voices and tries to find solutions for state, world issues, injustices and the rights and freedom of individuals. They will try to find solutions against the social and other issues which are bothering society. Education helps in understanding the value of various movements with non-violence and peace to object against wrong or injustice.

Revenge is not the only solution, but we must find a way of easing the situation. An educated person refuses to let experiences cause cynicism, anger, isolation, and envy to themselves. The truly educated person always tries to maintain an emotional, outward and empathetic connection with the world.

Seeking for truth

They seek truth and hunts for knowledge. They will always share their wisdom with people. Education for a truly educated person helps them discover the truth and possess the most significant wealth and wisdom. Knowledge makes a living, wisdom makes life, but wisdom will never be gained without a courageous commitment to always bow to truth’s demands once they have become enlightened. An educated person is always testing their accepted ‘truths’, always prepared to entertain new individuals, and exploring more by going out of their boundaries.

Education for the truly educated person is not an end in itself, merely part of a structure and rigor that helps them discover the truth and so possess the most significant wealth and wisdom. They accept their mistakes and always remain patient for accepting their faults.

One overarching characteristic of truly educated people is that they see and understand all the interconnections between the many facets that define life and are able to make sense of the world and act effectively within it in creative and meaningful ways. They tend to be reserved. Not a lot of gesticulating or yelling. They don’t invest a lot of time and money into personal appearance.

They don’t interrupt a person they talk to and listen to everything. They don’t take extreme points of view on any issue. They don’t watch a lot of television. They have a pretty good sense of humor. They can look at any issue from multiple points of view. They read a lot. They keep learning, regardless of how much knowledge they have.

An educated person understands the difference between education and Literacy. Educated people are excited about what they have learned. Literate people are egoistic about earning a certificate and make a living out of that certificate. The truly educated gentlemen like Amar Gopal Bose(founder of Bose corporation),Abraham Lincoln (largely self-educated and went on to become President of United States), WarrenBuffett (successful business magnet), JRD Tata (founder of TataGroup of Companies) have been successful in their spheres of life and in the process have created a genuine positive impact in the society. 

There are countless successful folks(monetarily) who are literate from elite institutions, perhaps making it to the Forbes list and their positive contribution to the society is questionable. The educated are super humble. Because they know there is so much more to learn — the professional care for the more substantial interests of society and the world. Their goals are not to be on the Forbes list. On the contrary, Forbes cares to include them on their list.

The educated inspire by their deeds more than their words. Take PullelaGopichand, for instance; he refused to endorse Coca-Cola, no matter how attractive an offer it was. The educated are conscious of how well they spend their time. The educated are addicted to reading more and more sensible and knowledge worthy things – Science, Math, Literature, Philosophy, History, etc. They have this insatiable thirst to expand their horizons and explore more.

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The professional care to teach, and they are active in exchanging information. Theliterates are EGO-machines and so are often found domineering people around them. The educated have pleasing mannerisms. The professional looks for intrinsic value in things, while the literates care so much for the packaging forgetting the intrinsic value of the contents. The educated focus on value-system over material gain. 

Society gains by listening to the educated because of this. Great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Gautama Buddha, Henry David Thoreau, Adi Shankara, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Kabir, etc. Educated people, on the other hand, care for the journey; for they are wise enough to understand that the experience is in the journey and not in the goal. Education gives a motive and helps in deciding what is best for an individual. Modernization comes from education. So, Be Wise. Be Educated.

The deeper you involved in a subject, the more aware you become of how little you know and how more you need to be aware. For every little step you take in broadening your knowledge in the discipline, and you will realize that education is a universe that neither has any beginning nor any end.

The more you will explore, the more you will get curious about it, and the more you will try to become familiar with it. Brilliance is another step for an educated person. So education is essential for self-improvement. It makes a person mature, kind and wise. Being in boundaries will never make a person known to the value and importance of education.

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