How to change Eating Habits

How to Change Eating Habits

There are some eating habits in our daily routine that might be good and some of them might be bad. Here are some eating habits that will change your lifestyle in a positive manner if you apply them to your life!

People in different regions of India eat rice with hands. But do you know the science behind this tradition? It is not because there were no spoons in the past. Even the wealthiest of Indians accustomed to eating rice with hands! Although, it has been restricted solely to rural and a few urban parts of India, nowadays. Scientifically, hands are believed to be the major center of tactile sensations that are processed by the most advanced part of the brain, the cortex!

Our fingertips, literally charge the food and as a result, it gets digested and assimilated better. When you eat 500 calories of ‘dal chawal’ with hands and the same amount of it with a spoon, the nutrients will be absorbed better in the former case. However, some people think that eating food with hands is untidy and makes our hands dirty! But it is not so.

While eating with hands, you need to use only one hand, mostly the right hand! The other hand remains dry, only used to pass dishes or to serve! This habit will not solely permit you to perform better while eating in a group, but also allows you to disconnect your phone in case it rings.

People in the rural areas additionally accustomed do a silent prayer gesture before putting the first bite of food in their mouth. This clearly shows the deep-rooted values of Indian culture which teaches us to treat our food with reverence! It is not about superstition. When you eat your food with the sensation of gratitude, it does get digested and assimilated much better!!

Especially, people in South India used to end their meal with curd rice. It is another intelligent manner of neutralizing the surplus acid within the stomach. Although it should be noted that curd should not be eaten with dinner, as it leads to mucous development. Our Indian thali system is additionally a notable tradition, as it offers all the six different flavors of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and pungent on one single plate!!

According to ancient written texts in the Ayurveda, a meal is completely balanced only if it offers all these six flavors. And we know that a balanced diet is a way to optimum health.

So, all of us should try to follow all these eating manners mentioned in the above article, as much as we can!



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