How to develop self motivation

Steps to develop self-motivation

It happens with all of us that we want to do a particular thing and we have no motivation to do it. This is a pretty common problem that everyone might be facing in their life. Within the realm of productivity, there are both long term fixes as well as short term fixes. For the problem of lack of motivation, long term fixes would be things like building better self-discipline, building strong habits or creating a better study space!

However, this article reveals the short-term fixes with the help of which, you can develop self-motivation! If you have something to do today, but you are feeling completely unmotivated, then using these ways you can develop self-motivation in an effective manner!
  • Go outside and take a walk

It is the simplest way to build self-motivation. Our brain might predict it as a waste of time when we have a lot of work to do, but it really works when we apply it practically! It helps us to raise our motivational levels and clear our heads! It has also been scientifically proven that exercise removes our mental fatigue.

  • Decide on a single task to work on

You should focus on a single task at a time. If you have a ‘to do’ list with multiple items on it, put it away. You need to commit to a single task, and you do not want that ‘to do’ list to be a temptation to jump something else once it gets difficult. It is all about committing.

  • Clear to neutral

This means to clear up your workspace, your desk and your desktop on your computer, and setting that space back to a state where it is prepped for that single task, you decided to work on and nothing else. When your work area is organized and set up for the task that you have decided on, you are going to work on that task a lot more effectively.

  • Use the ‘Low effort’ hack

This is a useful little mental hack that is helpful in developing self-motivation. When a person feels mental resistance for a task, that mental resistance is usually because of how difficult it is to do the task well. When we are skipping a particular task, it means that we will come back and fix it later on. Always remember that the blank page is the enemy. It is far easier to come back and fix an imperfect mess later on than is to create something perfect from the scratch on the first try! Sometimes you just need a little bit of warm-up to get yourself into a place where you are really creative and in the zone.


All these efforts will help you to build self-motivation in your life.


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