How to do work smart

There are two ways to live you’re and achieving your target

work hard and work smart. The same rule applies when it comes to education, especially in colleges. College life is quite different from school life. But since school life has a rigid education style, students often follow the same pattern in college life as well. With an active social life and newfound freedom, the old study pattern often fails to lead to poor marks. Here are some tips on how to work smart in college and not work hard instead.

  1. Attend lectures

Even though attending college lectures feel irritating, they quite act as a blessing during the exam. With proper attention in class, you can easily understand the topics. This will actually help you complete your syllabus and have proper preparation for the exam.

  1. Take running notes.

Professors mostly teach on the topic that’s in the syllabus but in a simplified way. When you take running notes, that is write down what your professor is saying, it not only gets imprinted in your memory but also helps you understand. As you have already understood the concept, you don’t really have to mug things up from the book.

  1. Watch videos.

During your college life, you have internet in hand. Use it. Look for articles and videos on topics that need to understand or study. It helps a lot. For understanding a concept, concise articles in simple languages are way better than long complicated descriptions from your big fat book. Plus, you also have the option of going through different articles if it doesn’t suit you. As for videos- you can often find videos on topics you need to understand. Sometimes, you can find lectures on the topic of your need by acclaimed professors of acclaimed universities. The best part about a video is, you can pause them. Which means, it’s easier to take notes from them. Also, you can save these videos and re-watch these videos whenever you feel like.

  1. Group discussion.

Discuss. Help your friends and get help. Teaching is the best way to brush up the topics of your syllabus. Talk to your friends, ask questions, answer questions that they have. Often, the informal way of teaching by your friends more comfortable than the formal teachings of your strict teacher. Above all, love your subject and enjoy learning.


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