How to Improve Education System

IBM has conducted a survey and asked experts around the world that what is the most important thing to get success in our life? The most common answer was creativity and innovation. And the thing is that kids are born creative. Creativity and innovation need not be taught in schools, because kids are born with innovation.

They are born curious. They used to ask questions in each and everything they notice in their life. Some of the questions they usually ask are: Why the sun used to rise in the east only? Or why the earth used to rotate every time etc. It has been scientifically proved that kids learn foreign languages faster than adults. When the teacher teaches a student in the school, he used to teach limited things only.

This results in serious consequences when that child becomes 20-21 years old, at that time teachers used to say, “Think out of the box”!! We are the one who puts them in the box! To overcome these things, a new concept called “Divergent thinking” has been introduced, which means to think in various possible ways of a particular thing only.

For example, if we ask a student to use a water bottle for some other purpose rather than filling a liquid into it, he might get confused. But then a thought will come to his mind that if the bottle will be cut by half, then the bottom half can be used to plant a tree. Some other student will say that the cap of the water bottle can be used to make circles for geometry. So, this is how their mind starts to get activated.

This process is known as divergent thinking. It might happen that children need to answer the questions from the syllabus only. But the concept of divergent thinking can be applied to specific issues. In today’s world, it used to happen that a college student is not even able to write an application on a particular topic. When he is asked the reason, he replies that this topic was not there in the syllabus. This is the situation of our education system.

Mark Zuckerberg has not invented digital photographs, internet and computers. He just connected all of these three things with a creative and made a billion-dollar company. The whole process of creativity and innovation is connecting the dots!! Using these methodologies, our education system can be changed in an effective manner.


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