How to Improve Low Iron Levels

How to Improve Low Iron Levels

Having low iron levels can really suck their symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, dry skin and sometimes even hair loss!! This article reveals about low iron levels, a few sciences -back tips that can boost your iron absorption and also increase your iron levels! However, iron supplements should not be taken unless you have spoken to your doctor.

It is really important to get your Iron level tested so you know where they are at and then you can talk to your doctor and decide if the supplement is right for you. When it comes to Iron, it’s too much amount is not a good thing and too little amount is also not a good thing.

  • Eat more iron-rich foods daily

This is rather an obvious tip. Most people might know this thing. But we have to keep this tip in our minds because sometimes we end up in a rut and when we are in a rut, we do not a variety of foods or eating the same things again and again. This can limit the variety of nutrients we get.

So, it is really very important to eat a variety of foods and to get your iron-rich foods on a regular basis, not just once or twice a week but every single day! So, foods which are having more iron-rich content are beans, nuts, seeds, certain grains, and some fruits and vegetables.

  • Eat something with vitamin C with your iron-rich mealsvitamin c

Vitamin C can help boost iron absorption. A very simple thing that all can do is every single time you eat iron-rich foods, pair them with Vitamin C-rich foods. For example, let us assume that a person was to eat beans, which is a rich source of iron if he pairs those beams with Tomatoes that will boost his iron content in a remarkable manner!

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Almonds are also a rich source of Iron. You can have almonds with strawberries or an orange that has vitamin C and that will help you absorb that iron a lot better.

  • Soak and strain your beans, lentils, and grains before cooking them

If you eat beans, lentils and grains, they can be a source of iron, but it can be very difficult to absorb that iron because of something known as Phytic acid or Phytates! These phytates make it really difficult to absorb the iron content because they are a kind of lock that iron up!

To overcome this problem, there are a number of things that you can do: You can soak it, you can ferment it, you can sprout it, etc. However, soaking is the easiest way to get rid of the above problem.

All of the three tips will really help you increase your iron level and stay healthy!

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