How to Remember the Things you Have Read

How to Remember Things you Have Read

Usually, students have a common problem that they cannot remember things that they have read just before some time. Due to this problem, students are not able to write in the exams! They always try to mug up things, but it would not work all the time! So, here are some tips which help you to remain the things in an easy way!!

Usually, all the students used to follow two kinds of books: 1) Books full of facts and concepts that a student need to simply know. These books are more academic in nature. 2) Actionable practical books: Things like music theory, the science of cooking, etc. come under this category of books. These books actually try to teach you something that you will use in real-life situations.

  • Pre-reading

To effectively pre-read before you start a new chapter, first go over the book’s table contents, skim the chapter, look at the chapter subheadings, maybe some bullet lists, and then go to the back of the chapter. If there are any summary questions, review those questions as well.

Doing this before reading has to prime your brain to more readily pick out the most information, when you are actually going through the text. A great example of how priming can affect your brain, just close your eyes and think about a specific color! Try to do it for a couple of seconds. Once you open your eyes again, you will start noticing the color everywhere in your environment!! You have primed your brain!!

Pre-reading does the same thing for words on a printed page.

  • Highlighting

It can be very effective, but only if you do right! A lot many people have the tendency of highlighting way too much when they read or go through the text and immediately highlight it instead of trying to read and understand the text first.

So, always have a habit of reading a text before marking it. This has a dual effect of making sure that you are focusing all of your attention on actually understanding what you are reading, instead of looking for sections to highlight, however, it also prevents you from highlighting too much. And this is important. Because the more you highlight, the less useful highlights are!! Imagine if you highlight every single piece of text in a book, you would have just changed the background color of the paper and gained nothing!! So, you should avoid such things.

If you apply these tips in your reading habit, definitely you will remember each and everything that you have read!


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