Importance of health in a student’s life

Importance of health in a student’s life

Academic performance is linked to student health. Research tells us this. Teachers and school administrators also tell us this. Even health professionals also agree with this fact! Students with higher grades engage in fewer risk behaviors related to high-risk substances use improper behavior, violence, and mental health. Schools that invests in student health can reduce risk behaviors and improve academic performance. What does invest in student health look like? It looks like health education, with age-appropriate information about preventing various diseases and addressing mental health!


Health services refer to the services that connect students with youth-friendly health care providers. And safe and supportive school environments where students feel connected and free from bullying and violence. Collectively, these three priorities can help protect adolescents from multiple risks. These priorities are Health education, Safe and supportive school environment and health services.


Investment in student health makes a difference. If school districts nationwide implement various government’s recommended approaches to school health, we can help students reach healthy adulthood with the greatest chance of success! But we are not there yet. Nationally, few schools require that students receive education on key health topics. What can schools and communities do to increase health awareness among the students? Together, families, school health leaders, community partners can help students make better decisions and avoid behaviors and experiences that put them at risk.


By changing or implementing better and effective school health policies and practices, together, we can prepare healthy youth for successful futures! If we say it in one line, then, it would be like this: ‘Our investment in student health is an investment in future’! Because their future is our future. Sometimes a healthy habit is to see what works for others. Playing sports and how they impact you is as similar to a library is necessary for the mental health of a person! Playing sports (indoor or outdoor) is vital for the mental as well as physical development of a person. Every sport has its own unique advantages.


For example, playing cricket on a regular basis helps in enhancing hand-eye coordination! When you play cricket, you get fit by running between wickets running up to bore and running after the ball to field it! When you play cricket, you will develop stamina because cricket games can last for a very long time.


So, a student should always spend some time on the physical activities in his daily routine to stay healthy!


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