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Importance of Self-discipline and Willpower

Self-discipline and willpower are two of the greatest secrets in unlocking your full potential. In this day and age, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain self-discipline. This article reveals the importance of self-discipline and willpower!


Sometimes we feel guilty about the decisions are taken by us previously. This kind of moment usually occurs due to a lapse in judgment or a lack of discipline. The solution to avoid such circumstances is to have strong self-discipline and will power. With self-discipline and strong will power, you can do what you need to do in each moment, without the temptation or laziness getting in the way. Self-discipline lets us grind it out with studying or work even when we do not feel like it. It helps us to be productive even when we do not feel like it!


For example, it lets us say no to extra dessert. It lets us maintain a consistent exercise schedule and achieve our fitness goals. In short, it empowers us to live our lives the way we ideally want to. It allows us to better take control of ourselves. This translates to stronger grades in schools, more energy, improved moods, and looking and feeling better!

There are a few theories on how discipline and willpower actually work. The most prominent is the ‘Ego Depletion Model of Self-Control’. This states that the brain is like a muscle, with a limited supply of strength that can be depleted! No one is disciplined 100% of the time- we all have lapsed. These lapses occur when our discipline muscle is fatigued. Various studies have demonstrated that certain types of mental exertion can compromise subsequent acts of discipline.


The study generally goes like this: There are two groups of subjects. One group does an activity or exercise that requires high self-control. The other group does an activity requiring very little discipline. Both groups are then subjected to a separate self-control challenge. The group that performed the demanding challenge first, later performs poorly and conversely, the group that did not exhaust their willpower reserves demonstrate better self-discipline.


So, this theory means that we do not have infinite reserves of self-discipline and willpower. So, it is important to cultivate and develop our self-discipline, understand that there is also a proper way to harness it! Without self-discipline, you are letting your life be controlled by your emotions. It is the same as you are letting your life be controlled by someone else!


So, we should understand the importance of self-discipline and will power and should effectively implement these in our life.


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