Importance of Sports

Importance of Sports and Fitness in a student’s life

A student is always advised by their faculties and parents to study harder and focus on the exams! It is true and also important to focus on his studies. But sports and fitness are also extremely important. There are various reasons for the importance of sports and fitness in a student’s life. Today, the biggest problem for any student or child is stress! There are just too many demands on your time, too much pressure of schoolwork and homework is there in a student’s life. There are also various competitions.


All these things make it very hard for a student to give time to his personal life. So, the biggest stress buster is physical activity! If we go out and play any game for an hour like cricket, football, volleyball, etc., then the blood flow in the body goes up. This increases the blood circulation in our body. When you go out, there is a change in the scenery! In the room, you are sitting in and the same thing going on for a couple of hours. But when you go out, it is a different environment than that of the room! So, your mind feels fresh. It will bring down the stress levels dramatically!! That is why sports and fitness are important in our life.


The second reason for the importance of sports and fitness is that it helps us to improve our exam performance! For a student to learn effectively, the brain has to work well! A student should be able to focus really well. When you are doing some physical activity, the blood flow in the body is better, you feel hungry, you sleep well and you genuinely feel happy! This will make your learning more effective and focused. If you spend five hours to study, you should also be active for five hours for sports!


The third reason for the importance of physical activities is to become a better person in our life. Education and learning are not just for exams. As a student, you are preparing for your entire life! A student should always think of sports as a stress-buster. Sports really helps a student in developing his skills. Physical activities help us to build self-confidence. Even sports help us to keep our bodies healthier.


So, a student should not just focus on studies, but he should also give time to different physical activities.


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