Is the Indian education system ‘worthy enough’?

Indians, in the field of sciences and technology, are scattered throughout the globe. The teaching-learning process in India is appreciated by many because of this same reason. But while going through the grass level, we will see that the education system in India is not ‘worthy enough’.

First to be taken into account is that, the versatility and a person’s creativity is stabbed to death in this system. An engineer or a doctor is always given the title of the ‘hard workers’ and the rest are, let’s say’ just are hobbies’

To start with, when we look at school, where everything starts, we will observe the confusion it creates at that tender age, as Shakespeare said ‘to be, or not to be’, here for students it gets ‘ to choose or not to choose’. Science or commerce, and if ‘Arts’ is even considered as an option, questions like ‘what will you do with this stream’, ‘will you get to college with this’ are thrown at student’s face.

In schools, the learning system is very ‘memory-centric’, learning new things, life values are nowhere in the scene. Students showcase their memory power on the exam sheets. But having a good memory doesn’t prove your efficiency as someone who’s learning.

More than half of the country doesn’t have a reach to proper education. University education is still a far show for many.

Intelligence is often measured just on the basis of ‘exams/test’ not anything outside that.

Student’s choice and opinions should be taken into account when applying for college and schools, choosing subjects should not be constricted just to the streams. If a student wants to study Mathematics and History altogether, they should be given that option as in other countries. So that they can pursue their interests and emerge as an intellectual personality.

Dreams are just a word, here pressure from different aspects are showered upon the students. The force and constant nagging to be on the top or in some top professions are always present. The life’s decision, what someone what to do in their whole life is given to parents.

Limited seats and quota system, creates a whole new level of fiction on student’s mind, they can’t really appreciate their talents, they are just in a race.

The education sector is treated as a business. If health care and education are treated as just ‘profit and loss’ statement, then good civilians and quality learning will be on the bay of extinction. Certain changes and improvements are yet to be enforced to create an education sector that will look after the wholesome development of an individual. We should have our perspectives clear and choose wisely.


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