Online education in India

Online education is bringing a revolution in India. It has greatly impacted not only urban areas but also rural areas. In today’s world, students from a remote place of India are getting enrolled in the various online courses of one or another educational platform. Many popular platforms like (Massive Online Open Courses) MOOCs by the government of India, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, etc.


Due to the increase in digitization, online education has rapidly grown in the world. Because of online education, the concept of distance learning is also growing very rapidly. Students can pursue any certification course online and can learn anytime, anywhere at free of cost! The only thing required is the internet connection. Online education has helped in improving the literacy rate, especially in rural areas.


The demand for online distance education is increasing in India. The availability of the internet has been improved in rural areas. New smartphones with the latest technologies are available at very less cost, which has also helped in the growth of online education. There are ample of categories available in the online courses, so there are several opportunities for everyone to choose the course of his choice.


The limitation of classroom education is that students need to come from far places to the school in rural areas. That was one of the biggest reasons for students not coming to the schools. But with online education, they can have easy access to classes, lectures, etc. They need not go anywhere! They can learn from the world’s best professors by choosing a particular course of their interest. They can also perform exercises given by the online tutor, which gives them practical exposure.



Online education is designed by using the latest technologies, which provide virtual classes, through which the students can learn things very quickly. Even they can ask their doubts using the chatbot, provided in the portal or they can ask the doubts to the faculties through the mail. The exams of the online courses are also taken on online platforms. However, some courses of MOOCs have exam centers across India, where a student can go and appear for his exams. After appearing for an exam, a student has his result on the online portal itself! The progress report of a student is also generated on the online platform. The trend of online education will bring a big change in Indian education in the upcoming days.


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