Online education in India

This article will brief you about online education content that you might not be aware of. In today’s emerging world, the concept of e-learning has dramatically increased. There are different types of online education. The simplest type is the online PDF files, that you just simply put online. But this way of online education is not taking advantage of technology. When you learn how to teach online, you need to recognize that there is a technology that is enhancing online education.

One concept of e-learning deals with the powerpoint presentations, in which there are slides that go from one idea to the next and the learner to each slide has the opportunity to engage with different learning objects.

For example, let us imagine that a teacher is teaching the different layers of the earth, now why not have the student operates a virtual drill that drills down and as the learner gets to the different layers, different information pops up. In such type of learning, the student need not just read the content, but he has to operate the things.

So, perhaps he needs to drag one part of the layers to some other part and so on. So, this type of effective e-learning will engage the students with what they are learning.E-learning needs to recognize that the things happen away from the computer as much as they happen on the computer.

One another concept of online education is related to virtual reality. It would be very interesting and amazing if this concept would come into existence. For example, a student is learning something about the rocket. Using virtual reality, he just needs to put the headset, and he would feel like he is on a rocket ship!!

When he moves forward, the rocket ship speeds up and when he steps back the rocket ship, slows down! Also, he would be able to control the rocket ship dashboard by moving in certain ways! But the only thing is that higher funding should be spent to create such a high-quality learning opportunity.

So, these are the upcoming trend of online education. The government of India had launched the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which is very beneficial to every individual who is eager to learn the things of his expertise. But our government should also think of the above-mentioned upcoming trends like online education so that these can be effectively implemented in our education system.


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