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Pollution. I remember studying this topic in the “Environmental Studies” subject in my school days. Back then, it was just a theory on textbooks. I hadn’t seen so much of its effects around me, or probably I was just too small to realize it in my surroundings. Nevertheless, I must say, I have seen it creep out of the textbooks & into our real life.

Literally every chapter we were taught on pollution, we are now able to see it practically, with social media platforms providing the visual aids. We have reached a point today where it is already a big concern, many protests have happened, Greta has left school & “how dare”ed us, glaciers are depleting, which I really think is nature’s way of crying for help.


Let’s look into the different types of pollution that we can create, the old school way.

● LAND POLLUTION:land pollution

A common scene to see for decades now would be the overflowing garbage bins on roadsides. Industries have also been on the rise, causing a lot of solid waste to be dumped on the land. Mining, agricultural activities, constructions, deforestation and the like, all contribute to land pollution.

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● AIR POLLUTION:air pollution

Air Pollution is caused by the burning of fossils, burning of garbage, releasing hazardous gases by industries & factories into the air, and many others. With the increase in population, the number of vehicles on road has considerably increased. Most of the vehicles, when not maintained well, let out polluted smoke into the atmosphere. Burning plastic or rubber is also a contribution to air pollution.

● WATER POLLUTION:water pollution

We can see this form of pollution when a lot of industries dump their waste in water bodies. Many people also dump garbage into the rivers. It’s not uncommon how aquatic animals are often caught with plastic & tin cans around their necks. The holy river Ganga is today considered so polluted, that it is scary to take a tip in it anymore. Many times, we see foam from industrial waste floating at the surface of the river. This is also the case in many other rivers & oceans. Of course, there are some accidental water pollutions, like when a vessel carrying oil capsizes into the ocean & the oil spills into the water. A case that has happened quite a few times, it requires people to then remove the oil floating on the surface of the water, which if not done would lead to the death of the water animals.

● NOISE POLLUTION:noice pollution

Noise Pollution is commonly caused by humans in various ways. Increased traffic, & it’s honking is a classic example of noise pollution. Loud firecracker used during festivals, the unbearable loudspeakers used by households during any family functions, are not uncommon.


Pollution has been greatly affecting the globe & with each passing year, it is only getting worse. We have reached a stage where we now feel ashamed that we haven’t been able to save nature, which is our home.

In the past months of 2019, the Amazon forests have been burning incessantly. Amazon forests are considered the lungs of mother nature. Every year, during the dry season, it’s not common for the Amazon forests to catch fires. But this year, it went out of control. Amazon rainforest produces the most percentage of oxygen that is there in the world. With it being & we not able to help it, it was really a peek into the future, where out earth would also be burning.

It’s is also known that the sea level has been gradually rising, as the glaciers at the poles have been melting at a very fast pace. Many of the polar animals have been left homeless, courtesy the changing climate & melting of ice. Climatic change has, in recent years, led to a lot of cyclonic effects, many earthquakes & other natural calamities.

Speaking of natural calamities, the felling of trees with the excuse of development has led to heavy soil erosions during monsoons, leading to landslides, floods & the like.


Well, if only we could restore it back to good health. Not wanting to sound negative, but cannot help facing the truth, Earth is on its way towards destruction, & we can only delay the eventuality by doing our bit.

Clean beaches drives have been gaining popularity of late, with many people realizing the urgent need to take action rather than just speak about it. Vehicles need to be serviced regularly to decrease the hazardous gases that would otherwise let out in the air. Industries need to also treat their wastes before letting them out.

Every individual needs to take the responsibility of planting more trees, as they are the only source of oxygen, without which everything else is really futile. Instead of felling trees for every other reason, we should come up with ways to work around our development plans without having to sacrifice the trees. I am sure that if we put our head into it, we could definitely come up with creative ideas to accommodate nature within our lifestyle & live in harmony. Because really, we aren’t doing a favor on anybody else but our own selves.

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Sewage treatment is nowadays being taken rather seriously. With the waste Management playing a role, segregation of wet and dry wastes, degradable & nondegradable wastes, we are slowly moving towards progress & taking the necessary steps. Although we are a long way from success, it’s always better now then never.

Another major factor in the solution to pollution is “awareness”. Not only are millennials but also the elderly & middle-aged people must realize the need of the hour. It’s not just a young person’s responsibility to take good care of the earth, it is everybody who lives on it, who is responsible. It’s important to know what’s happening to the world, & what needs to be done to prevent pollution. Knowledge is the first step towards change.

Not just the environment, pollution adversely affects human health. A lot of ailments are related to different types of pollution. Air Pollution could easily affect the lungs of a person. Noise pollution could lead to hearing loss, heart attacks amongst the elderly, & even death. Water pollution causes so many skin and other diseases.

Let’s do our bit in making the earth a little less polluted, we owe it to her. Let’s be the change, show our devotion to our actions. Remember, we are not doing a favor, we are doing our duty.

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