Important Tip for Our Life

An Important Tip for Our Life

It is almost the problem of every student that he is not able to focus on studies for a long time. Many students used to a complaint that the subject is boring, or he felt too sleepy while studying, etc. However, successful people do not feel such problems. But the question is how do we become like this? Here is a tip that can make your life better!



Imagine that you are driving in a car down the beautiful mountainous track. Now, what if you are sitting in the back seat in the car? You might be looking out to see the scenery or you might be looking in front to keep track of the route, but definitely, after some time you are going to get bored and you will start looking at your phone or you will sleep or you will ask the driver how long is this going to take!


Now just imagine that you are in the driver’s seat, now no matter how many distractions are there, how much you feel hunger or thirst or your phone is ringing, you are going to cut out everything and focus on entirely on every oncoming vehicle! So now the question is why such a big difference! The question is are we in the driver’s seat or someone else is driving our vehicle? Are we taking charge or are we blaming someone else for our problems?


Our brain is a superpower! Control it before it rules you! Distraction and direction are inversely proportional to each other. When one goes up the other one comes down. The reason this technique is called programming is that every day we think that it is easy, but when we wake up, there are chances that we are going to slip back into our old thinking! And that is why each morning you wake up, ask yourself, am you in the driver’s seat of my life? Have I taken the responsibility for everything that happens to me today? And soon it will become your habit!


In this way, we can implement the ‘Programming technique’ in our life! We should start taking responsibility for the things we do. One should not deny his responsibilities. One should accept the things that he has done. When we take responsibility, we realize our mistakes! It would improve our standards of living. And our life will become much better!!


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