Valuing education

In today’s world, everyone used to tell us to work smarter, not harder. But only a few people know the meaning of smart work. So, first, we need to understand the meaning of smart work. Smart work can be defined as the treatment of a situation to receive success. That means, with the help of smart work, we can achieve anything!


If you want to succeed in a task, then you have to do hard work for that. But, one thing that is more important than hard work is smart work. Access yourself and decide again what makes you smarter. Check your abilities on what you are doing. Ask yourself a question that whatever you are doing is better or not.


The next thing is that you should make sure that you have set your boundaries. You should set such a boundary of your own where people are not able to come in and decide that I need to reshuffle my schedule on their behalf because of some lack of planning they are doing.


The third thing is your calendar. Your calendar or schedule should be in such a way that you can complete your task on time and give some time to yourself. A person needs to give some time to himself, as it would keep his health good. Working continuously for hours and hours would affect our body clock. One should understand the impacts of his calendar on his work. So, being able to manage your calendar is also a part of smart work.


The next thing is mentors. one should constantly engage new mentors for himself. because learning is a continuous process. One can learn from so many people around him. A person should ask the mentor “How am I doing?” The mentor will help in finding out the gaps so that the work can be done more smartly. The mentor can correct us where we are lacking. The correction might be related to our skills, schedule or abilities.


The next thing is the process. It is always great to have processes or systems established. A process can be documented, repeatable or measurable. It is very good to be able to document anything as this would help you to work smarter. Things would become easy if they would be measurable. One can easily correct the mistakes if the documentation of a particular task is available.


So, these concepts should be implemented in a person’s life to work smarter.


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