Things that You Should Do At Least Once in a Week

Things that You Should Do At Least Once in a Week

Though there are several things that we do on a regular basis. It might be waking up early in the morning, practicing exercise every day, etc. But all these habits seem to be our daily habits. Yet there are things which are not really feasibly done on a regular basis This article reveals two good habits that you should do at least once in a week to stay happy and healthy.

It is not so that you have to do these things exactly once a week. You do not need to be tracking it on a calendar, but doing them once a week is a good estimate to start with. Because all these things are very good to be doing on at least a regular basis.

Text or call a person you have not talked with in a while

Things that You Should Do At Least Once in a Week

A lot of the people that we have spent time with in the past or even family members just do not hear from us as much anymore, because we are in a kind of fall into our established routines and patterns and we talk to the same people almost every single day. This is the reason why a lot of people feel so lonely or they do not feel as acknowledged as they once were back when we lived in big communities.

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So, if you can build a habit of at least trying to think of somebody you haven’t talked to in quite a while and sending them something, it could be even just a ‘hello’ text to acknowledge them and let them know you are thinking about them, they will be a lot happier! They will remember that you care about them. This is something that is very important to do.

Do an all-out workout

Something that leaves you sweating at the end of it and sore the next day. For people who are really active, this might mean every single workout! But a lot of people who are “active” kind of go to the gym and they go through the motions. If you do this, this might keep you healthy to a degree, but it will not make you progress, it will not actually make you push the boundaries of your physical fitness. So, at least once a week, push yourself, do something that is really, really challenging and that leaves you sore! Also, remember that this does not have to be just sprinting on the trade mill or going to the gym and lifting weights until your arms want to fall off, this could be something fun.

Both of these habits will definitely show the progress of your body as well as your mind.  So, you should practice these habits, at least once a week.


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