Tips for students in Computer Science

A student who is pursuing a degree in the discipline of computer science can follow these tips to be a better computer engineer in the future!

Tips for students in Computer Science

  1. Get a side project or a job
  • A student of computer science background should at least do a side project of the field of his interest to become proficient enough in a particular technology. It is not so that you have to work for 40 hours a week, but at least you should spend an hour or more on practical knowledge. Practicing the things that you are learning in your college can even help you earn money! For example, if you are good at web development, then you can start making small websites and sell them!


  1. Learn JavaScript
  • You could have some courses in your curriculum, that teaches you the JavaScript. It used to be there in your course curriculum with the core concepts of JavaScript, but you might not learn JavaScript in more deeply in your college. You probably have to spend some time outside your college to learn the framework and other things of JavaScript.


  1. Connections
  • Having connections in your college is the most important thing during your engineering. You might take the help of your friends in solving your queries after your graduation. Or they might take your help. In both of these situations, you will learn so many new things. It might help you in getting a better job! Your friends might introduce to the people they know, who can help you to be placed in a good multinational corporation! You should also make connections with your professors; they will also help you in making your carer better.


  1. Practice Interviewing
  • Interviewing is the skill that you might not get well in your college. If your college is conducting such interview sessions, then you must take advantage of it. Keep practicing the interview questions from the first or second year of your graduation. This will help you in cracking the interviews of giant companies in your last year of graduation. Try to communicate with your friends and faculties in English, this would improve your communication skills. Try to solve the puzzles, coding questions, this would improve your reasoning.


  1. Know your worth
  • You should realize as the computer science student that there IT industry is flooded with many people who are not even computer science degree holders, but are very good programmers or coders!! People used to switch their careers, as the IT field is having a large scope for everyone. Even non-computer students can master coding skills by just learning the online tutorials! So, you should know your strengths and you should try to be different from the others.


These tips will help a computer science student to become a good computer engineer!


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