Top 10 social media useful apps

Top 10 social media apps

Want to know what’s happening in the world? What to learn about the latest trends? What to know Bollywood gossip or some quirky DIYs? It is one-stop for knowing anything and everything today. You guessed it right; it is the “Social Media.”

I mean, one has to really be living under a rock not to be aware of this world of social media, that it sets people trending overnight and brings out a star from a nobody-till-yesterday. That aside, social media has slowly crept up and marked it stays in our everyday life.

The forever debatable question, “Is social media a good or a bad influence on people?” Well, it really depends on how you use it, you could turn it into a blessing or allow it to transform into a curse. Every good thing has its limits, after which it is good no more. Social media is no different. If you look at the brighter side, we have LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and such platforms, which help so many individuals find their dream jobs.

Instagram, Facebook, and other media sharing platforms can even be monetized if used logically. One needs to have excellent analytical and marketing skills to know how to get the best of the opportunities at hand. We generally use social media as an excuse ad escape from our routine work, casual dating, connecting with friends and family, etc. There is a tiny percentage of people who actually see it as a medium of income.

Social Media’s advancement in today’s world has opened up so many job opportunities that were never even thought of, say ten years ago! A little, unfortunately, too, many of the traditional jobs are being replaced by the onset of social media. The traditional Print Media is taking a back-seat as many people prefer getting all the updates through the apps available on their smartphones. Radio is hardly being heard. Today’s millennials do not know about the trending songs on FM Radio, but #trending is associated with YouTube and Snapchat.


It’s a blessing that most platforms are open to any type of content. So no matter what are your talents, if you have the courage to realize your dreams, social media is at your service.

● YouTube: 

A free platform for all users, YouTube is the most convenient and go-to platform for budding artists and talents. One needs to meet a minimum number of subscribers and watch hours to start monetizing from it. Also, familiarise yourself with the current YouTube algorithm, as that gets periodically updated.

● Instagram

Prominently a photo-sharing platform, it has now transitioned into video sharing too. Increasing the number of followers, collaborating with brands you believe in, are some of the ways in which you could do so.

● Social Media Executive:Social Media Executive

This role requires you to write engaging content about your client to build a brand image and keep the audience interested in your client’s product. A social media executive would typically need to handle all the social media platforms of their clients and actively update them to keep their customers engaged with their content.

● Digital Marketing:digital marketing

A typical Digital Marketing Executive requires to plan, implement, and manage various strategies pertaining to Digital Marketing. One needs to keep up with the market trends and oversee the online marketing strategy. One needs to provide engaging content to the client’s website and carry out marketing campaigns.

● SEO Executive: search engine optimision

An SEO Executive needs to analyze his client’s competitors, on-site and off-site. Keeping track of the performance and analyzing using various tools is what one would be looking at. Any content that is created to garner more consumer attention needs to be SEO optimized. Search Engines pick up the articles with are SEO friendly. Thus this is a very important role.

The above-listed career paths are just a few. There are many similar areas where one could find their interest in. Moving forward in the coming years, there seems to be a good career graph upscale in these jobs.


It is no secret that social media is a big help when it comes to finding a new job or switching your career path. The listing below a few such platforms one could use to make the best out of it:


A very well known in the professional, especially Information Technology (IT) world, this platform provides the best place to build and expand your network on Linkedin, connect with individuals from any workplace around the world and search for jobs across domains.

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One needs to build its profile, optimize and update it timely. You can upload your work samples, which increases your chances of getting job offers. There are so many added features on this platform that helps your profile look cool, like endorsements and recommendations, to name a few.


There are so many groups that are created on FaceBook for every kind of job description today. One could request to join a group of interest, and upon being given the permission to join the group by the admin, could respond to the job vacancies posted on it.


Another well-known job-seeking platform,, allows you to build connections with recruiters and follow peers and individuals. Similar to LinkedIn in many ways, it helps you secure a job by providing steps to optimize your profile and applying keywords.

Other examples to be listed would be Indeed, Quicker, OLX.


It’s no shocker that we use social media even to find our dates today, yes we have given social media the authority! Anyway, here’s listing some well-known apps you could use:


You make an account, add your best profile picture, some attractive, witty but honest and genuine details, and wait for a match. You could swipe left/right upon your interest in the matches that the app suggests to you. When two people tend to swipe right on each other, its regarded as a match, after which the individuals could start communication.

A very well-established app, with the reputation of matching some long-lasting relationships, this one is to give a try for, although one always needs to keep safety in mind before meeting random unknown individuals from over the internet.


An app that has set its foot in the U.S. already, Facebook Dating is an inbuilt app within the FaceBook app itself. This ensures that you don’t need to take the trouble of adding all your data onto a new app altogether.

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A disadvantage of using this is, facebook has all your data and friend list, and it could show your dating status to your friends without your intention, or worse yet, give you as a dating suggestion to your own friend list un-expectedly.



A dating platform for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s the largest running social platform for dating for the gay, bi, lesbians r queer. Just like any other dating app, you could register and find your match. Grindr app has a free and paid version, with certain features accessible only to the paid users.


You register onto the OkCupid app, fill your profile. This can be linked to your Instagram account too. It lets you answer questions, and your expected answer from your potential match, and creates a compatibility score. Quite interesting one, right?

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