aluminum utensils are not said to be good for health

What aluminum utensils bad for health

It is common to have aluminum utensils in homes, even in the world, 60% of people use aluminum utensils. First, it is cheap, durable and secondly, it is a good conductor.

aluminum utensils are not said to be good for healt

But aluminum utensils are not said to be good for health. When food is cooked in an aluminum vessel, aluminum is also absorbed along with food and water.

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It is believed that in an average human, about 8 to 5 milligrams of aluminum goes out in a day. And the human body is not able to remove so much aluminum from the body in a day. Due to which aluminum gets mixed in the blood and gets deposited in the internal organs of our body like kidney, liver, and bones. Due to which many kinds of diseases take place at home.

aluminum utensils are not said to be good for

Aluminum reacts with acidic substances. After some time after cooking, you will find that the color of the food made in aluminum changes slightly. Therefore, sour things like tomatoes, tea, and coffee should not be made in aluminum utensils at all.

Many foods in the market such as cold drinks, beer, rasgulla, pineapple, bin, canned food of very young children, etc.

Note that fresh orange, seasoning, grape and pineapple juice helps remove aluminum from the body.

Conclusion:- Right now, perhaps our country is not ready for this ban. Before any restriction, it is necessary to bring its options in the market. But going forward, the government will have to take some steps. Right now, there is a need to bring awareness so that we can improve the situation up to our level and take care of our own and family’s health.


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