What are 10 different types of high school students

What are 10 different types of high school students No matter how old one grows, school life is something that the person treasures during the entire course of his or her life? The school is where one learns to interact with people, stay in a society, spend the most time of their growing years and the first place they learn skills that they carry for the rest of their lives.

The different personalities we meet in our life always seem to bear a fair resemblance to some boy or girl we met in school earlier. Every person we have ever met in our high school is most likely to fall into one of these ten types:

Secret Agent

In every classroom, there is a spy, if not many, who makes sure that all the secrets in the class are made known to the class teacher. The true identities of these students remain unknown (despite the speculations that run rampant around on who the actual spy is) mostly because they pull off a good job in behaving as surprised as the other students when the secrets are let loose in the class by the teacher. With a spy around it is as if the teacher has hired the walls, desks, and benches to eavesdrop on the students in her absence.

Book WormBook Worm

There is always that student who always burns the midnight oil, has a detailed schedule for every day of the academic year right at the beginning of the term, revise the exam portions multiple times and know every page, paragraph, and line by heart. Book worms pay not only utmost attention to detail in every subject they study but also show immense dedication and passion in securing the first rank and the first bench.

Book worms pop up in everyone’s minds only during the exam time and are often forgotten at other times. They are also one of the grumpiest of the lot when things do not go their way and can be seen closely following the teacher’s footsteps to get their doubts cleared or to get that last-minute minute piece of information that can give them the upper hand over others in the class. Book worms are seen everywhere with their close companions, their books, which they refuse to share with anyone. They also manage to appear at a place where most students overlook the library.


People belonging to this category are one of the most vibrant people you can come across in a class. The jester is someone whom you always love to sit next to since one is never aware of how time flies with him or her around. The jester seems to have a knack to make even the funniest of things funnier and can crack you up even in your most down moments.

The jester almost always has something funny to tell after every line that the teacher says and can spin an imaginary humorous tale from even the most boring chapters in the textbooks. The jester thought all funny and charming in the classroom is someone who barely utters a word at home. In a world where people forget to smile, this person will never mind poking fun at himself to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Late Comer

Every classroom has that person who has utter disregard for punctuality, be it before the school actually starts, submitting the assignments or after recess. Almost all teachers enter the class with their eyeballs searching for this person and assume if he or she is there in the class everyone else is also present.

The latecomer always garners everyone’s attention in the class with his or her arrival, spends more time in class on coming up with an excuse for his next late arrival than concentrating on his lessons and has his or her voice etched in everyone’s memory due to the opening line “May I come in ma’am ?”.

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The latecomer brings with him some time to relax and chill since the teacher is busy in arguing after listening to his or her excuse for coming late. Where the late comer spends time, with whom or for why the latecomer is late only the person knows.


There is that one dashing, heartthrob in every class whose physique seems to be the only one resembling those on biology charts of the human body. The hunk is not particularly good at anything in the school curriculum but often never suffers its side effects because he has a lot of help from the girls. He is the first person whose number the girls want and is the person they all want to sit next to. He is the kind of person who would undoubtedly win every post in class; he stands for solely because of his feminine appeal.


Students of this type occupy the middle rows of benches often because they are not studious enough to land in the front bench, nor are they cool enough to occupy the last benches. One gets astounded at the amount of information they can store and retrieve at will, the amount of detail they add in every tale or experience they narrate and how the person never is tired of talking. Parents often find it hard to keep them off their phones as they usually manage to cook up a conversation on nearly any topic under the sun and still never get to the point.


A person who can undoubtedly be recognized not by his looks but by his works is extracurricular. To the extracurricular, the class, the students, the board, the lessons, the teachers and everything else in the world are all things that happen on another planet. He or she spends time thinking, practicing, perfecting or speaking to himself or herself on his or her trade be it singing, dancing, painting or sketching beautiful sceneries, cartoons, modifying the pictures in textbooks, drawing caricatures of teachers and fellow students, coming up with an idea for plays for the school drama, writing speeches for a debate, going through quiz books, wiring poems, songs, composing new tunes that could be played on his or her musical instruments or contemplating about the path they should take after school and perhaps the fame and prestige that will arrive once they have perfected their art.

The extracurricular can turn even the shabbiest piece of paper into a masterpiece and is a source of entertainment in an otherwise mundane classroom through the talent that the person possesses. The activities of the extracurricular show as though the only reason they come to the school is because of the parental pressure as they seem detached from exams or the syllabus but interested only in their passion.

Richie Rich

This is the student who brings things that no other student has, be it a costly eraser, pencil, pen, a car with a driver, polished shoes; he or she has got them all. He or she is possibly the only student who gets his lunch from a hotel every day, goes to foreign locales for holidays, has a bunch of maids and servants to help him or her out in everything and the best home tutors.

Richie rich makes most people envious of the things he owns and the lifestyle in which he or she lives in. The rich student often has followers to accompany him wherever he or she goes, do the person’s homework and partake in his or her lavish treats on any occasion; however silly it may seem.

Complaint Box

Students of this category normally are in everyone’s hit list because they alleviate their grievances be it valid or invalid by complaining to the teacher then and there with pride rather than sorting it out in the community they thrive in. Students of this type are a horror to their bench mates and evolve into an even deadlier weapon once they have mastered the art of blackmail.


Here is a type of student who needs no introduction, the bully. Bullies often pick the backbenches, are aloof from academics and derive pleasure at the expense of others. They manage to make even the strongest willed students regret an encounter with them and mostly keep to themselves. The bully manages to get into the bad books of every person in the school and often is a source of disappointment to his or her fellow classmates.

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Each person among the ten types is each a specimen in itself to study from, and these are personalities that reoccur irrespective of the generation that one lives in. Irrespective of the different types of people, the pleasant or bitter experiences shared with them, the studies, the fights, competition, field trips, recollecting the school days often provides one with a trip down memory lane which he or she often wishes to travel and relive possibly because neither the people nor the memories are as deeply etched in one’s heat nor are as colorful or vibrant as they did during one’s time in school.

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