What are 20 random facts about you

What are 20 random facts about you

#1. I just love movies

By movies, I don’t just mean watching a movie for the actor but I really do enjoy analyzing each and every segment of the movie, particularly the cinematography, background music, the acting, direction, and the script. This interest in movies began when I was in tenth grade. I had a little laptop for myself to study notes from and when I got bored I used to mute the audio and watch a lot of movies reading the subtitles. My parents often thought that I was studying.

#2. I love to workout

I was a really thin kid but then I broke both bones in my hand when I fell off the staircase. Then I grew really overweight partly because I got used to sitting around at home after the fracture and partly because my grades were dropping so I spent more time studying. I initially hated working out but then when I started exercising; I felt livelier, fresh and much comfortable doing the day to day stuff. I did lose and gain weight over the years due to my varying schedule but I really enjoy working out.

#3. I do not like it when people use my stuff carelessly

I have had a lot of instances where my shoes, pen, pencil, and other things were either used and not returned or not returned in the form it initially was. I really take care of even my smallest procession and believe that nobody can take care of my things better than me. I especially do not trust the people to whom I give my laptop or bicycle for service since they never take care of it and I often get them back with a lot of dust and dirt or multiple scratches.

#4. I do not like to drink or to smoke

I believe that any vice actually dampens and eventually imposes a complete restriction on your true potential. I believe that though there are pleasures of the world that your body needs and craves for occasionally like a good meal; vices like these are just a waste of time and money. They are counterproductive and lead to no nourishment at all. Moreover, they can eventually control the way you handle your stress.

#5. I am not an avid gamer

When my friends discuss games all day long, I used to sit by their side imagining how it would be if I ever played one. I finally got my shot at games when I became the proud owner of a laptop. Surprisingly I got no kick of it. Though the racing games and fighting games are fine, they get monotonous after a certain period and the first-person games with their intense mouse movements make me feel dizzy when I play them for too long. Yes, gaming provides a refreshing experience and offers a lot of food for thought to your creative side I do not enjoy it much probably also because I suck at it.

#6. I do not like sleeping

During my days as a student, I used to sleep for 6 hours every day. Even when I was on a holiday, waking up at 5:00 am or 6:00 am kind of stuck with me. I simply cannot sleep for more than 7 hours a day. When I sleep for too long, I feel like the entire day becomes slow. This is one reason I hate getting sick because then the doctors and my parents ask me to rest almost all the time.

#7. I do not enjoy TV series much

Though this is something that is changing, I still irk when someone suggests a good series to watch. I love movies because no movie goes beyond four hours but series are just hours and hours of content. Though TV series do have rich material laid in them, it’s the fillers that drag them out. I did binge-watch “The boys” because I was felt that it was quite a fresh take on the superhero genre and also because the series was just eight episodes.

#8. I do not enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Though a lot of people really love the MCU, I really do not find them that great. I feel that the movies are overrated and have the same “Every life is as colorful and beautiful as the rainbow” vibe that could impress nobody except maybe the pre-school kids. Most movies of the MCU fail to shed light on the real-life and suffering of people and just glorify the over the top lifestyle of the heroes who happen to encounter frail emotional moments at certain dramatized movie segments. This is just my opinion and my hope it does not break the internet.

#9. I really love anime

The first anime that I ever watched fully was Yu YuHakusho and man did it blow my mind. The art style, storyline, character arcs, and animation fascinated me. After Yu YuHakusho, I watched Naruto, Kuroko no Basuke, Hajime no Ippo, One Piece, One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter, and Pokemon. I feel that the subbed version captures the real feel of the anime than the English dubbed versions.

#10. I love the color blue

I first started liking the color after watching an episode of Swat Kats in which the Cyclotron, a bike ridden predominantly by the character Razor of crime-busting vigilante duo T Bone and Razor and it has been my favorite color since.

#11. I do not like milkshakes

I really hate milk and most things made from it. Milkshakes I dislike the most because of the immediate brain freeze they bring with them. Though I have tried a lot of flavors recommended by my friends, I have not found one that suits my taste.

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I have a huge collection of Hot Wheels cars and track sets, a room full of them to be honest. I do not enjoy reading the newspaper or watching the news

The newspaper often has a lot of information about any stuff

It is just a pain to go through all those unnecessary information. The news channel, on the other hand, offers a different experience with the graphics and motion pictures but they keep beating around the bush and keep showing the visuals over and over again. I especially hate the debates that the channels conduct. I like my news crisp in nothing more than 10 to 15 words.

#12. I hate wearing shoes

I feel that shoes choke my feet and make them sweat and stink. I prefer sandals or flip flops that offer a lot of aeration in the feet area. Shoes also stuff the feet and cause blisters on the toes.

I do not like using my smartphone to watch movies because the screen is too small which makes it difficult for me to enjoy the intricate visual details the movie scene has to offer. I also hate to lie down and watch a movie which I often see people do when they watch the movie through their smartphone.

I do not like wireless headphones because I feel that the quality of the audio offered by them is a whole lot inferior to that offered by the wired headphones. Though wireless headphones are best for outdoor activities and exercise the music experience is not as great as their wired counterparts.

I prefer to face unlock feature over the fingerprint scanner to unlock the smartphone. Most smartphones have the fingerprint scanner and the face unlock. People hardly use the pattern or number locks these days. The problem with the fingerprint lock is that it does not recognize my finger when my fingers are even a little sweaty. If I have the phone in my pocket and I go for a long walk, there is some moisture on the fingerprint scanner which really makes the unlocking experience frustrating. I do not have the in-display fingerprint scanner smartphone so I have never tried that. Another problem with the fingerprint lock is that people can unlock and access the contents within my phone if I am sound asleep.

YouTube bores me when it recommends videos related to video browsing history. It feels mundane and does not offer me anything new to learn or enjoy when I watch content related to what I have watched before.

I love to eat fruits because they never feel heavy in your stomach. They are also good to stay slim and help keep the body healthier. Fruits also give that fresh tingling sensation to the tongue when you bite and chew, something which the bubble gums have never seemed to mimic.

I would never want to have a superpower because I that it would make some things in my life too easy to achieve and would not give me any thrill doing those things. Plus, I like being the way I am.

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