What are some hallmarks of an educated person

What are some good pieces of advice that most college students are not ever likely to hear?

We overwhelm teenagers with advice about choosing a college. Go big. Go small. Put prestige above cost. Here are few unconventional advice  that most college students are not ever likely to hear

  1. Attend lectures

Even though attending college lectures feel irritating, they quite act as a blessing during the exam. With proper attention in class, you can easily understand the topics. This will actually help you complete your syllabus and have proper preparation for the exam.

  1. Don’t aim to be the best student in your class. Aim to be above average instead, so that you have more time to develop other critical skills.
  2. Your certificate will be obsolete and forgotten. The world is changing rapidly, and you must keep up with it. Merely scoring A’s doesn’t make you a valuable person in the marketplace.
  3. Spend more time reading, even if that makes you appear less sociable. Remember, you’re “socializing” with the best minds on Earth while reading.
  4. Party and nightlife aren’t as glamorous as you think. Don’t fear missing out. If you’ve something important to work on, say no.
  5. The final year is to rest and prepare yourself for your career and the outside world. It is also to give back all that you have learned, share your knowledge and experiences with the juniors.
  6. Don’t waste your vacation. Spend your time in knowing your branch better at the end of the first year (through the internet, friends, relatives, seniors, etc). Time after the second and third years should go into internships, training, etc. GRE, Cat, etc should take a front seat after 5thsem. Short and sweet winter vacations can be used for courses.
  7. Use internet properly. Facebook, Gmail, IMDb, etc. are not the only websites. Nowadays Google can teach you more than what you will learn from all your books put together.
  8. Make good friends with at least a few seniors from outside your state from every batch. Be in regular touch with all of them.
  9. Use Facebook and Instagram as media to keep all your friends at one place. Keep adding even the ones you have not talked to personally. The virtual world is the best place to start a conversation.
  10. Accept that many people know more than you. Observe their actions and if you like inculcate their qualities in yourself.

12. You might be the best in your campus but outside you are just another fish. Be humble. Learning and growing is an endless process.


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