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What are some important things you wish you’d known in high school?

Students learn a lot in high school. They discover how to solve complex equations, critically analyze classic novels, and understand the basics of biology. However, while subjects such as algebra and physics are important, many students would benefit from a high school curriculum with more of a real-world application. Here are some of the things a student would wish he had learned in high school:

  1. In college, study skills become a must. Students are expected to take in, process, and retain more information than ever before. The same is true if they apply for a job and must pass certification exams. Students who don’t have strong study skills are less likely to perform as well on those exams.
  2. High school is a great time to start teaching students about self-care. Teachers and parents can encourage students to listen to their bodies to avoid burnout, take regular time to relax, and learn how to manage stress in healthy ways. Many adults could stand to learn that lesson too. Learn to take care of yourself first. This is not about being selfish. It is about helping. You can’t help and take care of other people if you don’t know how to take care of yourself. Learn to set limits, to cut out negativity, to meditate, to refill your energy levels, to filter people, to use sunscreen, and to drink enough water. Staying healthy, happy, and attractive helps to build confidence and attract people.
  3. How many high school students can change a light bulb? A task that simple may not sound like a big deal, but high school students should get the opportunity to purchase a light bulb and change it. They should also learn other tasks, such as how to hang a picture, how to turn off the electric breakers, or how to unclog a drain.
  4. if you want teens to develop healthy habits, they need to learn some of the basics of cooking. They may not have the skills to become a Chopped Champion, but they should learn how to make a simple salad or pasta dish and use a variety of kitchen utensils and appliances. Unfortunately, many high schools have taken out their home economics programs, but parents can teach these skills at home or teachers may be able to teach them through an after-school club.

5. Ask for help when you need it.  A lot of the highest achieving students get there in part by asking for help when they don’t understand the material.  If I’d known that, I would have been asking for help a lot.


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