What are some words of wisdom for men

To tell you the truth, I am no great man myself to preach words of wisdom. I am nothing but a below-average person leading a decently good life on the face of the earth. Like any common man, I too have had my fair share of ups and downs. These were just some things that I learned in my life. Words of wisdom, I do not know. But these things did help me out in some of the most difficult times of my life. Here are some words of wisdom for men (in no specific order):

#1. Set goals for yourself

Ambition has a very important role in your life. Preparing a goal for yourself and working hard to attain it not only gives a sense of purpose but also brings in discipline, commitment and the motivation to strive no matter what. There are countless stories of people whose messed up lives were brought on track by a single goal.

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Make sure that you set not one goal but various goals at different stages of life so that you know where to go to once you have achieved a goal. Without goals, life appears to be stagnant and you start climbing down the hill, losing everything you have.

#2. Stay away from the pleasures of the world

When you know where to go and how to go, the path that opens wide in front of you can be rigged with booby traps in the form of distractions. They can be anything alcohol, social media, games, smoking, food or the internet.

Though you should give time for yourself to enjoy and recover during your course of life, if you really want to bring it under your control it is better that you keep yourself in limits when it comes to the pleasures of the world. You should know what the right thing to do is at the right time and also how much you should indulge in any activity.

It is always good to weigh in the pros and cons of getting into a habit or practice before you actually dive in. It is always good to find calmer things to relieve stress and make you more joyous than resorting to unfruitful means which stab you in the back as addictions.

#3. Always follow a routine

Setting a goal and dreaming about it day in and day out will get you nowhere if you do not reach or try to reach them. Irrespective of what your goal is, a routine in your everyday life will surely help you achieve your goal.

There are tons of people who achieved great things in life just because they stuck to their routine. Figuring out a routine takes a lot of time. It may take months of research, a lot more time to improve and perfect and still more to implement.

Following a routine gives you a sense of achievement when you implement it in your everyday life and when you see how close it gets you in reaching your goal. It is a constant struggle against your enemy, the mind, to get up early and do the things that you feel will help you achieve something of value but never give up.

#4. Have at least one person to share your feelings

Life is busy and gets busier until you reach your retirement. When you follow your passions, it is quite natural to overlook the people around you. When you are constantly in pursuit, grinding and making most of the time you have in your hands, it is always good to spend time with your friends and has that one person to share your innermost feelings.

Though a lot of people consider spending time with others as a waste of time and rather spend time with oneself, I am of the opinion that the perception is wrong. A good friend can give you a heads up at the right time, point you in the right direction and most importantly give you a shoulder to rest on when things get haywire.

#5. Respect women

A man becomes a true man only when he can value and respect the women in his life. I believe that both men and women interdepend on each other to exist and there ought to be no shame in admitting this. There is always a woman in any man’s journey of life.

There come circumstances in any man’s life which only a woman can understand and help overcome. A mature man would always treat his woman better than himself and never as objects.

#6. Be positive

Everyone has down moments in their life. It is those down moments that help you grow. During your pain, suffering and even when things never go the way you want them, you should always take hope and stay positive.

Staying positive does not mean that you do not cry or mourn over your loss but it means to not stay in that melancholic state. Life manages to always catch you off guard. Nobody can be too prepared for what life throws at you.

People do find rage, pain, and misery as powerful motivators. They are undoubtedly strong motivators but they drain you of your strength quickly, let you slip into an illusion that things you desire are never going to happen and never really let you enjoy your achievement.

Choosing the right source of motivation reflects the way you present yourself, your general outlook and also reflects in your work and relationship with others. Positive people often emanate positivity wherever they go; they might not always be successful but do not tire with life.

#7. Remember where you came from

No matter what you achieve in your life or what heights you scale, you should always stay humble and stick to your roots. A man is truly successful not when he succeeds once but when he can emulate success throughout his life. If you want to keep growing you should be never proud of what you have accomplished.

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It is a good practice to listen to whatever your peers have to tell you even if you find it silly and behave respectfully to everyone you meet; even to people who compete with you. Talk to your watchman, security guard, and driver and greet them. They will respect you even more.

#8. Love yourself

When you work hard, sacrifice your time and pleasures, dedicated only to achieving your goal; life soon turns into a miserable place. The most important thing in life is to enjoy and have fun doing the things you love. Though in life there are many things which are forced on you, eventually life becomes more joyful when you have a good examination of conscience and do what makes you happy.

When all your dream is striving for something, it becomes your life and turns into an obsession. So you need to spend time with yourself and indulge in things at regular intervals that relax your mind and body. Go on holidays, make good memories, speak to people, get into parties with good friends, try new hobbies and explore parts of you, you never knew existed.

#9. Try to get things done by yourself

There is a saying “If you want something done, do it yourself”. Be it doing the dishes, getting your ride washed, room, laundry cleaned, cooking or knowing immediate remedies for small illness; it is extremely beneficial if you know how to do this by yourself.

After a certain age in life, it is incredibly immature to get your bare essential stuff done from others. When you start providing for yourself and taking care of yourself, it gives you the confidence to survive in any situation, self-satisfaction and also a sense of independence.

#10. Learn to save money

Though money is something that comes and goes, a wise man keeps his expenses on the check and avoids futile expenses. It is a nice thing to live simple instead of living a lavish lifestyle and burning a hole in your pocket.

Limit the use of credit cards and if you still have money to spare, I encourage you to feed the poor, clothe the needy and partake in other acts of charity. Try to contribute to the society that you live in, in even the smallest of ways.

#11. Be a man of your word

A true man keeps his promise, come what may. Everyone loves an honest trustworthy person, a rare breed in this generation. Always try to stick to your word and if you fail to have the guts to apologize.

#12. Keep your faith

Whether you are a Jain, Hindu, Muslim or a Christian, having a firm belief in God always keeps you on the right track. Every religion teaches a man to refrain from sin and lead a pure life. Believing in God provides you with endless hope, joy, comfort and a shoulder to always lean on.

He gives you the courage to go on, strength to never give up, friends and family to support and comfort you, dreams that you can work on and a life to enjoy. A man never forgets to give thanks to God for his endless blessings.

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