Ways to develop self-discipline in life

Education is a type of process, which enhance our hidden talent and we got improvement in our inner and outer skill. And by the gift of education, we got the capacity to change the world at the level of socially, politically and economically. By the high level of education, we improved our life and also make a new world full of positive.

Education plays a vital role in making a high level of personality, career, physical, mental improvement and growth. Education is beneficial for any up and down of life or today’s world’s problem. Education means knowledge and got the ability to recognized what is bad or good. It is a powerful tool or weapon against the world. If we have an educational weapon so we can fulfill all the demands of our family.

Education teaches children manners, decent and being gentle. The government also gives facilities of women education and also child education. The government gives many schemes for them. “SAAKSHAR BHARAT MISSION FOR FEMAL LITERACY”. This scheme minimizes the discrimination of females at the workplace or at education level and also dowry system and many more. IF women have a weapon full of education so she never treated as a house worker or servant and also she got guidelines for none to tolerate the domestic violence. No beating and also no cheating.

Indian constitution gives many rights of education to children and also for women education. According to article 14 gives the right to education and it is a fundamental right. According to the “ RIGHT TO EDUCATION ACT,” it is compulsory for 6 to 14 years children of basic education from any authorized schools gives facilities of free uniforms, free books, scholarship, reservation and mid-day meal.

Constitution imposes a duty on the state to give or make rules or facilities for education without any discrimination on race, case, color or sex. Article 21-A provides free and compulsory education of six to fourteen. It is a constitutional right. Article 45 also gives provision for free and compulsory education for children.


Education gives advantages to human life. It teaches manners, knowledge, and decency, makes people gentlemen. An education helps for improvement in health and also wealth. Education is a fundamental right of the person and also for children between aged of six to fourteen years. It gives the key to win this world. Education makes people humble, kind, civilized, responsible and also polite. The educated person got an influence on other people and impressed them.


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