What is the most unfair advantage a person can have?

Accept it or not, in today’s times, education is a rat race. Education should be about gaining knowledge but in modern times, its anything but that. Education these days are more about achieving the target or marks. Higher marks or degrees these days prove one’s superiority. This has caused people to chase marks and degrees instead of knowledge.

The race has proved harmful for education in every way possible. Apart from the fact that students are going to school and institutions just to mug up so that they can score more marks in their exams, there’s also the matter of unfair means that they are taking in the exam to secure better marks.

Now, if we look at the bigger picture we will see that some students get admissions or pass out from colleges because of an unfair advantage they have. This is not at all fair to the other students as they work hard to get their fair share of marks, the marks they deserve. Whereas, students who use facilities to score more, score more not because of their own skill or effort.

The most unfair advantage a person can have in this country is – Reservation. Debated through years, people take sides on the reservation. On one hand, the minorities and the OBCs and STs claim that the little lenience they get because of the reservation is actually needed for their lifestyle doesn’t really support education. On the other hand students of general caste claim that this is posing as a disadvantage for them since even with their efforts and skill, someone with a lower score is getting the admission.

Some critics believe that there should be Reservation, but it should be based on economic background, not based on caste or religion. I do not support reservation in jobs. After the study why one needs a reservation. If any backward class student has done MBBS, then why he needs a reservation. He can compete in any interview or exam. The government should help the poor in getting quality education and but should give equal rights to all in jobs.

Along with reservation, a donation to acts as an unfair advantage to students. While students with proper marks find it difficult to get seats in colleges and universities, students with rich parents get their seats booked by the hefty donation that their parents. There are many more unfair advantages that students often get pushing other students with proper talent in an unadvantageous position.


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