What Is Wrong With The Indian Education System?


The Indian subcontinent has long been the centre of world education in ancient times with the universities like Taxila, Nalanda, and many more. In ancient India, there was a concept of “gurukuls”. In which people used to send their children to gain spiritual and worldly knowledge. But countless invasions and attacks by outside forces on Indian society changed this education system into the present type of schools and colleges that we are witnessing.

But with all that, there is something lacking in Indian education system that people are not willing to change. Though you can argue lots of point on the positive aspect of this system, let us also dismantle the negative, so that our children can excel in the field they like.

Heavily centred around marks/scores

I think we all can agree about this point because as soon as you gain your senses you are put in a school for education. And from there pressure on you starts to build up about getting good marks, performing well, be the highest marks getter by your family. All these things instil a negative effect on children. Since this can stop them from pursuing what they like or what they are better in.

You can think it like this way if your kid has an interest in sports and you are pressuring him/her to study more than that kid won’t be able to concentrate on any of these things. Therefore, it is better to introduce counsellors so that they can know about what the capability or the liking of the child in which he/she needs a push.

Best at encouraging flock mentality

As soon as your school is finished and you are ready for the college, parents become in-charge of taking decisions about your career path. Every parent wants his son or daughter to become an engineer, doctor, or get a good government job. This hampers the creativity of the younger minds, even if they don’t like that line of career, they are forced by their parent to opt for it. You can find many more points like this if you properly research the Indian education system. There are lots of things that can be improved in the Indian education system if the government is willing. But before the government, it must be the parents who should change their mentality and let their children pursue things that they have passion about.


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