What made you sad today

What made you sad today

My friends Atif, Samuel, Arham, Sandeep, Karthik and I met up in Samuel’s house. We went to the mall near Samuel’s house, played some games at the arcade, went bowling, had a sumptuous lunch at his house and took a lot of pictures. After a great day as I was returning back home when a sad event that had happened to our gang during our school days came into my memory.

The series of class tests were all over and forgotten. No one cared about passing or failing because it was only one of the minor tests that we were going to face; there were many more tests to come anyway. Atif never forgot to bring his identity card for any of the exams. The first test where he forgot his ID card and was not allowed to write the test had made such a huge impact on him.

The dean sent an email to his dad following the event citing his irresponsibility and carelessness. Though he never told what had happened in his house that day; we all knew that he would have received a huge dose of advice and reprimanding from his dad.

Each classroom had a wall-mounted TV, to display the objective problems to the students. In the beginning, the students tried watching movies on the TV by copying movies into a pen drive and plugging into the TV strictly against the rule of the college, but eventually, they all got caught. This was such a lame violation of the rules. Our gang, no our gang was different. A mere violation of the rule would be an insult to the gang.

Everyone of our class hated the physics lecturer. We all knew how primitive he was, when he asked one of the students to help him set an alarm on his newly bought android phone. He being not so well versed in operating the technology around, made him an easy target to pull of yet another stunt; giving all the students much unnecessary entertainment at our expense. This prank however was unplanned and pretty much uncalled for by any one of the gang.

It was a Tuesday and we had 2 back to back periods of physics. The lecturer was a pain too as he would step into the class as soon as the previous lecturer left the class as though he was waiting anxiously for an opportunity to fire his gun of lameness at us. His teaching was boring; he paid no attention in clearing our doubts (not even the nerd Karthik’s); adding fuel to our fire of disliking him was the fact that he did not provide a minute’s break between his 2 periods.

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I was really tired after the maths period, the period before 2 back to back hours of boredom and the only thing that stood between me and my journey home was the 2 physics period. The lecturer looked like a snake at 98 between the pawn (me) and ‘HOME’ in the game of snake and ladder. I shared my frustration of having to sit in the class with Arham and he, in turn, spread it to the whole gang.

Arham went up to the lecturer with courage that he had mustered up on the spur of the moment. The gang thought that he was going to save us by asking for a free period but much to our dismay he asked for permission to go to the restroom. The physics lecturer giving permission to anyone’s request to go to the washroom was like rainfall in the summer. Much to our surprise, Arham was given permission.

He instead went to the custodian and asked for the remote of the TV of our classroom and came to the class with the remote in his sock, the pant over the sock concealing it. The lecturer had already started the class.  With a sigh of regret, he allowed Arham to enter the class. He sat next to me, gave me the remote and winked. I was overwhelmed by this act of his. It was not highlighting the characteristics of a good student nor of an ideal friend, but to me at that time it was something great.

Taking all that risk, just for the sake of me not wanting to attend the class was something no one had ever done for me. I was about to take the remote from him when Sandeep snatched it from Arham’s hand and when the lecturer turned his back to the blackboard to solve the problem on the TV, he switched it off.

After a while when the lecturer turned to the TV and noticed it to be switched off, he thought it was some fault with the HDMI cable connecting the TV. He waited for a couple of minutes adjusted the cable and then asked Karthik to switch off and switch on the TV via the switch on the switchboard. When Karthik switched on the TV we used the remote to make the slide appear on the screen again.

A smile grew on the face of the lecturer but when he turned to the blackboard we switched off the TV and this cycle continued. After about 2 times the same thing repeated, the lecturer was annoyed. Gradually the smile disappeared from his face and grew on that of the gang’s. We were now taking turns on who should operate the remote.

Though everyone knew what was happening, none including Karthik uttered a word. He put his head down, maybe he too didn’t want the physics period to take place. The lecturer chucked the chalk piece and went out of the classroom. Almost immediately the students began their buzz of relief. Everyone was engaged in their own conversation.

Some even took out their pens to begin a pen fight while others packed their bags assuming that there would be no class from then on. After a few minutes, the lecturer entered with a book in his hand. This was like the heights of atrocity. It was like he took the saying of John Cena ‘never give up’ way too seriously.

He kept the book on the desk and stared at the TV; with a sudden resolution switched it off and then on. This time Samuel stood up and switched on the TV via remote. The lecturer had his gaze fixed on the TV so he didn’t see Samuel but someone else had his gaze fixed on the class, the floor in-charge!!

The students could not believe their eyes; we were for the first time ambushed!!! that too by our physics professor. “Ha! Caught you” said the floor in-charge. The lecturer turned his head like the velociraptor in Jurassic park 3. He was suspicious that it was someone playing a prank in the class because the TV always got switched off when he turned back, so he had called in the floor in-charge to spy on the class from the door.

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Since all the students faced the TV none saw the floor in-charge in stealth mode. No one even in their wildest dreams would have expected the lecturer to plan so much or even execute the plan. Samuel was dragged to the dean but what followed after made a lasting impression on every one of the gang.

When Samuel reached the dean’s room he saw his dad there. He was very confused as to how his dad was in college. His dad had come there to pay the PU fees and waited in the lobby so that Samuel and he could go home together. In the dean’s room, Samuel stood like a stone without uttering a word, his mind was preoccupied with thoughts about what his dad and mom would regard him because of this and what would happen when he went back home. No matter what happened he didn’t say anything about the rest of the gang or about Arham. The dean suspended Samuel for 2 days. That was least of his concern because when he came out of the dean’s room he saw a physics lecturer talking to his dad.

The lecturer took his entire anger on the class onto Samuel’s dad as though Samuel was the main reason that the world considered him to be lame. The lecturer blamed Samuel for all the mishaps that had ever happened in the class irrespective of whether or not Samuel was involved in it. Samuel stood there and watched his worst nightmare come true.

The next two days not even a moment went by when we did not think about Samuel. The class had forgotten about him but not us; how could we. No matter how much we called him or texted him, he just would not pick up our call or respond to our message. The day Samuel was to come to college; we all came to college early.

He didn’t turn up early though. He came in 5 minutes late to the first class and seated himself in the last bench. He didn’t speak to anyone in the class for the first 2 periods. He had a really bad experience at home. I felt really sad because my friends had to go through all that because I did not want to attend 2 hours of physics.

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