Do you think education is the only way to success?

It has always been a big question for students as well as the parents that what to choose after class 12th? The students who are going to complete their 12th standard always used to be in a dilemma for their career options. However, it is completely dependent upon a student going to the career of his or her interest.

A degree never gives a good life, but a skill gives a good life. It is assumed that an engineering student is more capable than a B. A. student. But it is not so. There is an ample of employment in India; the only thing lacking is the employability.

Every one after pursuing a degree course of three or four years would be ready to become an employee of a well-known company, but only a few will be employable! This difference has to be minimized. So, when a student comes to class 11th and is supposed to choose a particular stream, at that time, he should know his interest, and according to that, only he should choose a particular stream. If a student is interested in an accounting kind of thing, he should go for Commerce. Similarly, if he is good at science, then he should go for the science stream.

So, a student should focus on building his or her skill in a particular area. One should not go for a particular stream because of his friend or any other person. He should choose a stream in which he is interested. One should not compare a degree with the others. Neither he should compare the salary packages that a particular degree offers. All these things are completely dependent upon the skills of a person. It might be possible that a B. Com. student earns more than an engineering student.

If you saw the list of fortune 500 companies, you would find that the owners of those companies have started from very small things, and now they have become such a giant one! So, all degrees have the same opportunities; the only thing needed is to have good and job-oriented skills. These skills of students should be identified by the parents as well as the teachers. Students should not be pressured to choose a particular stream. For example, an engineering student might have very good skills in fine arts! So, he should be encouraged to choose the field of interest.


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